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This is my first time playing Arietta, and I'm still playing through the game. So I'm unsure how I'm doing.

So, if there's anything questions/concerns/problems you have with my Arietta, please note them here!

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Relationships for Gargleblasted

: I’ll never forgive you! I’ll chase you to the ends of the earth, and kill you! [ENEMY –> Will stop at next to nothing to kill]
: Shut up shut up shut up shut up! [THREAT/STRONG DISLIKE –> Will likely attack on sight]
: Go away! [ANNOYANCE/DISLIKE –> Will insult or ignore]
: Thank you… for helping me. [FRIEND/ALLY -> Will try to repay favours and help]
: I’ll fight for you, too! [CLOSE FRIEND/FAMILY -> Will protect and fight for]
: I’ll stay by your side, forever! [COMPLETE DEVOTION -> Will do anything for]


Thank you areyouhungry for the code ♥♥♥


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Character Essay - Arietta on ... Stuff!

More character rambling from me. This one is kind of a FAQ (Or NAQ, Never asked questions ;D), where I explain how I see Arietta on certain things. May be updated with more later.

If my basis is wrong for any of these, or you think I’m missing any, please let me know! Don’t be shy to correct me on stuff. I'm in the process of playing the game, though I watched all Arietta’s scenes on playthrough/read the gamescript/watched the anime, so yeah.

This is a WIP, so I’ll be adding more.

Arietta on… stuff:

1. Arietta’s sense of smell.

Some people play Arietta with a highly tuned sense of smell, where she can smell people’s scents and feelings and whatnot. However, if her sense of smell was really that great, she would have noticed Sync’s scent being the same as Ion’s, which she didn’t.

As for my version…despite being raised by animals, Arietta’s still a human, so her sense of smell isn’t really better than other humans. She better uses her sense of smell, so she’s more aware of distinctions and can utilize it better to her benefit, but it’s still a human’s. A little more developed since she made use of it, but that’s about it. She can’t smell emotions, and if she can smell ‘people’, it’ll likely be because of the clothes, or any perfume or body odor or whatever. (Take a bath, Luke! D<)

2. Arietta on replicas.

Does Arietta know what a replica is? Yeeeep. And she's got an interesting view on them, to boot. She's aware of Van's plans to replicate the world and supports them whole-heartedly. When the party was on the Isle of Feres, she went as far as to say "Luke is a replacement for Asch."
[more stuff here]

3. Arietta and the other God Generals.

Despite my dearest wishes, there are no God General skits and not much material on exchanges between them. Sadly. So I have to use speculation on the given material, which isn’t much. *tiny violin* It is my opinion that Arietta views the God Generals as “her pack”, being raised by ligers. And in general, the God Generals all seem to be on good terms with each other (except Dist)

Van Grants: Fon Master Ion wasn’t the only one who took care of her. Van did too, Van brought them together. He made the Isle of Feres her private boat. As a result, she’s also extremely loyal to Van. In the pack mentality, Van Grants is the Alpha Male, there’s no doubt of that. Arietta respects him and obeys him as such (He interrupts her shouting match with Anise pre-Choral Castle, and immediately, she apologizes and calms herself, looking actually intimidated). She will disobey his orders to accomplish her own ends (and I guess to help out when asked)… Logically, from having been looked after by Van for so many years, Arietta would view him as a father figure. But more in the traditional sense; when the father was The Authority in the household, commanding respect. She does feel greatly indebted to him, and he’s one of her top priorities (after Ion and the Liger Queen)

Additionally, Arietta wholeheartedly supports his ideals. Since the Isle of Feres was washed away when Hod was destroyed - Van's promise to revive the island through replication overjoyed her. She fully believes replicas can be a replacement for regular people and will follow Van's plan not only out of her gratitude - but as well as real belief in him and his plans. Even when Ion was in danger of dying, Arietta avoided blaming Van - she instead justified her betrayal as "Van promised he wouldn't kill Ion."

Asch the Bloody: Asch and Arietta seem to be on fairly good terms. I can only judge by the one scene they’re together, and the fact that she’s easily swayed to do him a favour. Asch wanted her to help him kidnap Luke to have him examined and such, and she agrees pretty easily. Even if it means disobeying Van’s orders. Granted, she’s initially hesitant and he placates her by reminding her she also wants revenge, but still. Even so, in that one scene, there was a bit of difference in the way he spoke to her and the way he spoke to Dist. When speaking to Dist, his arms are crossed and he’s kinda rude. When he addresses Arietta, he takes a step forward and drops his arms to his side. His tone of voice doesn’t really change (Though he isn’t as snarly/pissy with both God Generals as he with… like… everyone else), but he isn’t pissy with her at all. THIS IS SIGNIFICANT BECAUSE ASCH IS ALWAYS PISSY. In any case, I think Arietta gets along fine with Asch. She’s probably a little wary of him, but otherwise on good terms.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think Arietta’s aware that Asch is a traitor. She doesn’t seem to be aware of a lot of things, plus Van kept trying to lure Asch back with candy, and the other God Generals didn’t seem too concerned over it. (Largo reacted a lot more when Asch accused Dist of betraying Van than vice versa, at least in the anime.) Even so, Arietta was fully prepared to betray the Order and co to protect Ion (though Van did promise her he’d stay alive, so you could argue “they betrayed her first”), so I doubt she’d hate Asch for it. She might identify with him, actually.

Legretta the Quick: If Van is Alpha Male, (And he is) then Legretta is Alpha Female. She’s the female authority. Arietta appears alongside Legretta often, and she seems to admire Legretta quite a bit. When Arietta was threatened by Jade on the Tartarus, Legretta surrendered immediately. In the manga (and I think in the game too?) Arietta apologized to Legretta, who then responded, “It couldn’t be helped.”

I wouldn’t say Legretta and Arietta had near the same bond as Legretta did with Tear, but Legretta had probably tried to counsel her and teach her about fighting and self-discipline and stuff. Arietta’s definitely more controlled around Legretta. That’s probably her influence.

[To be continued]

Dist the Reaper: [To be filled out]

Largo the Black Lion: [To be filled out]

Sync the Tempest: [To be filled out]

Character Essay - Arietta on Rabu Rabu

I’m going to be doing some character essaying, partially to help me get a handle on her, partially for… anyone that cares. :D;

Arietta and Love

There’s no doubt that the most important person in the world to Arietta is Ion. She loves him with all his heart. However, I don’t think Arietta knows the difference between types of love, or that she understands what “romantic love” is.

Arietta was raised by ligers, and though she had probably seen animals mating, I seriously doubt the Liger Queen would have given her the “birds and the bees” talk. Or the “ligers and the lions” talk, or whatever the monster equivalent is. And then she was taken in by Van Grants and Ion, and I seriously doubt they gave her the birds and the bees talk.

I don’t think Arietta knows what romantic love is. If she feels it for Ion, she doesn’t recognize it. To her, love is complete and utter devotion. She has an animalistic understanding of it, and she doesn’t recognize different kinds of love. She devotes herself to the Liger Queen, Ion, and Van as well, that is her “love”, it only really varies in intensity. Ion is priority #1, after all. Protecting Ion, fighting for Ion, killing for Ion - dying for Ion, that is what she understands of “love”. The extras like giving him gifts (his sister’s skull to watch over him, so not exactly traditional gifts), worrying about him, that’s part of it too.

Regardless, Arietta doesn’t know the first thing about dating. If she holds romantic feelings for Ion, she has yet to acknowledge and understand them, and that would take a while. If Ion wanted her to kiss him, or court him, or etc, she would happily do it. But she wouldn’t understand what she was doing – in her mind, she would be doing what Ion asked to make him happy.

So, a relationship between Ion and Arietta, is it probable? I doubt Ion sees her that way. He does call her his “pet” after all. He does care about her, but I doubt he’s interested in that sort of thing anyway. It is possible, but that depends on character development. I think Arietta’s love for Ion is more “like an animal loves its master” than anything anyway.

As for a relationship with non-Ion people, that’s more difficult. First, she’d have to develop and understand romantic feelings, (and that could take a while) and even then, it wouldn’t be smooth sailing by any means. Don’t forget that Ion is Arietta’s first priority too, so Arietta would always put Ion above the other person (Unless Arietta’s faith/loyalty to Ion has been broken somehow, but that’s highly unlikely and it would take A LOT for it to get to that point), putting a strain on the relationship. And if Ion disapproved, Arietta would leave the other person right away. (It’s likely that he would, because he’s pretty possessive of her. And/or he might figure that Arietta being in a relationship would detract from her being his guardian.) And even Arietta as a girlfriend would be awkward, because she wouldn’t know what to do and find unconventional ways to express her feelings. (Like giving Ion her sister’s skull to protect him, though he liked the gift.)

I do have Arietta ships myself, but I’m not going to be pushing for them and rabu rabu won’t happen unless: 1) Both muns want it, 2) It develops ICly (And that probably means slowly, because these things take time, plus the stuff I mentioned earlier)

Having that said, those hurdles and challenges are what make the prospect interesting to me. I’d love to RP that kind of dysfunctional relationship, wherein Arietta struggles to understand what she feels and stay loyal to Ion. Funtiems.